Border Castles and Towers

Chillingham Castle 

Location: North Northumberland.



When visiting the interior of some castles and, indeed, stately homes, it may become apparent that, so often, the interior is filled with a collection of trophies and relics they have little do do with the history of the building. Obviously, they were acquired by successive owners, often during foreign visits. They are a sort of up market 'A Present from Blackpool.' displayed, perhaps, to impress the neighbours. 
Some things never change.

But Chillingham is an exception. After a long period of decline and neglect it is being steadily restored and, understandably, not a lot of time and money has been available to display the contemporary objects that have been brought out of dark corners and stacked on floors and shelving without the usual roped off areas and the ‘Please do not touch notices.’
It is a huge rambling place crammed with  interesting items relating to the lives of the Borderers in medieval times.
It’s rather like a magnificent medieval car boot sale, and long may it be so. Do visit it.
There is a tea room, torture chamber and dungeons with a wide range of instruments for restraint and punishment. (Take the children).
Part of the castle was destroyed by fire while it was occupied by the army during the Second World War and has now been restored.

There are all the ingredients of a grand day out.


Usually open 12 noon to 5 pm, but phone 1668 21563 to confirm.

And when you are finished go and visit the Chillingham wild cattle nearby