Border Castles and Towers

 Cresswell Tower 

Location: By the village of Cresswell on the Northumberland Coast.



The tower stands besides the village in sight of the shore.

It is well preserved from the  outside and has a history going back three hundred years.

It is, of course, associated with the Cresswell family.


A sad story associated with the tower tells how the beautiful daughter of the

family had fallen in love with a young Danish prince whose country, at that

time, was at war with England.

Secretly, they made plans for the prince to cross the sea from Denmark and

carry off the young girl to his home country  were they were to be married.

Every day she gazed out to sea from the parapet awaiting her prince.

Then, one day at great risk, he landed on the shore. Even from the tower roof

she recognised him at once and, with great excitement, prepared to meet him.

Then, to her horror, as she watched, her three brothers rushed to the shore to

tackle this foreign invader.

In the fight that followed the young prince was killed.

The girl, stricken with grief, could not be comforted.

She lost all will to live and soon afterwards she died of a broken heart.

It is said that her ghostly form can still occasionally be seen gazing out to sea

from the tower roof.


It is understood that arrangements are in hand to restore this pele tower and to make it more easily accessible to the public. More information about this would be welcome.