Border Castles and Towers

Dally Castle

Location: From Bellingham go west on the Falstone road. Dally Castle is off the minor road a mile after you turn left at Birks.

The remains of Dally Castle

Dally Castle stands on a strong site high above the Chirdon Burn, a tributary of the North Tyne.

This was part of Scotland and Alexander II of Scotland gave the manor there to his sister who gave it to David de Lindsey. De Lindsey developed the site and extended it. 

The building attracted the attention of Hugh Bolbec, the sheriff of Northumberland, who complained to his king that the house would likely pose a threat as it was being constructed more as a castle with very thick walls, battlements and surrounded by a deep moat. 
It was obviously going to be a formidable thorn in the side of Tynedale as, indeed, it proved to be, as it was used by both Bruce and Wallace as a springboard for raids on lower Tynedale with devastating effect.

However, it later fell into neglect, then was occupied for a time by the Dodd family and later by the Charltons.


A story is told, relating to Dally, of a bitter fight involving the Lord of Dally and his age old enemy, Gilbert of nearby Tarset. 
What had occurred to incur the lordís wrath is not known but his fury can be imagined when he discovered that his sister, living in his castle, was having a liaison with Gilbert. He surprised them at a secret meeting they had arranged and the fight that resulted was long and fierce.

It continued with unabated fury beyond the castle bounds, across the Tyne and into the wastes beyond. 
With both men near to exhaustion, Gilbert drew on all
his remaining strength and struck the fatal blow. 

But the feud continued.