Border Castles and Towers

Drumlanrig Castle 

Location: The castle is well signposted north of  Thornhill. Take the A 76 north and in 4 miles look out for the sign on the left.

Drumlanrig Castle
and Country Park

Drumlanrig Castle is  one of the grandest homes in Scotland. It was built  for the1st Duke of Queensbury.
Work began it in 1679 and it wasn't until 1689 that the building was completed.

All was at last ready. Extravagant furnishing had been  purchased and were in place. A generous staff was appointed and the Duke moved.

The Duke's health was not good and on that day he was particularly unwell. He looked around him at the extravagant decorations and through the windows at the extensive parkland but he saw nothing to give him pleasure. He only had thoughts for the immense cost of the palace and for his ill health. 

The great house awaited his inspection and approval. 
His personal effects were unpacked and put into place. Everything was done for his comfort and approval.

And then he summoned his personal valet.
"Pack my clothes. I am leaving," he said

"How long will you be away, my Grace?" enquired his valet.

"Forever!" replied his Grace.

Off to Edinburgh he went to his town residence, Queensbury House in Canongate. There he was in familiar surrounding and could call upon the best doctors in the land.

A little happier now. He had made his decision. 
Ten years work for one day's stay. 
And he still had a huge bill to pay.


Amenities at the castle includes a visitors centre, tearoom, shop, cycle museum, woodlands walks, cycle hire, adventure playground.

The castle and grounds are quite outstanding, and everything is provided for a great day out.

Tel: 01848 330248/33155