Border Castles and Towers

Dunstanburgh Castle 

Location: Take the B1339 from Alnwick and walk from Craster along the

coastal footpath, or walk from Embleton.

The coastal walk from Craster is particularly attractive.

This imposing castle ruin stands high on an outcrop of the Great Whin Sill

overlooking the sea.

This 14th century castle has had a chequered life between periods of intense

action and periods of neglect and decline. It passed through many hands before

eventually being acquired by the Grey family.

The largest castle in Northumberland, it is now a ruined shell but spectacular

whether approached from inland or from the coastal footpath from Craster.

This is a delightful walk on deep turf with the sea to the right and the dramatic

outline of Dunstanburgh ahead.

The castle was most vulnerable from the south where you will find the

strongest defences. 

The gatehouse and curtain wall are quite magnificent. Note the weather beaten

stonework which has produced some quite remarkable patterns. Look out for

mason's marks.

Dunstanburgh Castle is said to be haunted by the Earl of Lancaster who was executed for being on the wrong side.

The castle was used as a film set for Mel Gibsonís Hamlet.