Border Castles and Towers

Naworth Castle 

Location: From Brampton going east, any of the minor roads to the left lead to Naworth

Map reference: 86 355562

This great fortress was built by the Dacre family as a stronghold for the wardens of the English West March. It was much involved in Border affray being relatively near the Scottish Border and within easy reach of the notorious Liddesdale reivers.

The five-storied tower at the south-east is the Dacre tower and was a pele tower the castle being added later in 1355.

The building has been extensively restored and refurbished.

The dungeons are still preserved and there is a 17th century walled garden.


In May 1844 the east wing was destroyed by fire and fire engines were brought
from Carlisle (by train!) but too late to save the tower. However, the residential parts were saved.

The castle is now used for functions and is not open to the public but the exterior can be viewed from the road.

Arrangements for viewing can be made by appointment.

Associated with the Dacre family.