Border Castles and Towers

Norham Castle 

Location: The castle stands above the village of Norham. The village is situated 10 miles from Berwick. Take the A 698 south west from Berwick. 
In 8 miles take the B 6470 to the right.

About midway between Coldstream and Berwick the castle guarded an important ford of the Tweed, but nowadays a bridge crosses the river higher up.

Norham Castle was built in 1121 and was one of the foremost and formidable Border castle.

Besides a fine Norman keep, much of the castle is intact and there are lots to see.

Having a dramatic setting near the River Tweed, and much of interest of the castle still remaining, it it is well worth visiting.

Recently, evidence of earlier fortifications on the site have been revealed. There is even evidence of a footpath from the railway station to the castle providing evidence that it was a tourist attraction even in Victorian times.


As an additional attraction the castle has a resident ghost named ‘The Grey Lady.’

The castle is open all the year.