Border Castles and Towers

Preston Tower 

Location: The tower lies to the east of the A1, take the B1340 and is 
9 miles from Alnwick. It is signposted.

Preston Tower

This pele tower was built in 1392 by Robert Harbottle. 

It was originally a hall tower with four corner turrets. 

Parts of the connecting wall between the two south turrets still remains. 

The tower is three stories high and has the typical vaulted rooms. T wo of the

rooms are furnished in the style of the period and provided a realistic picture of

life in a pele tower.

Associated with the surname Preston. 


There is a prison on the ground floor and many interesting and informative displays elsewhere, including a particularly interesting Flodden Room.

High up in the tower a water tank was installed to provide water for the nearby inhabitants.

In 1415, it was recorded that there were no less than 78 pele towers in the region. 
Not many of them survives and Preston Tower is probably the best survivor.

When peace came to the Borders it looked as it Preston Tower was going to share the fate of so many others. Two of the original four towers were dismantled to provide building material for the nearby cottages.

The tower is set in attractive grounds open to visitors.