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dna and the Border reivers       

The prospect of a new aid for family history researchers is exciting. Advances in the use of DNA research appears to indicate the prospect of amateur researchers being able to easily make use of this device.

It could be useful for example, when experiencing brick walls with particular researches and in helping to prove particular relationships. DNA tests by one-name groups in the UK and the USA are already revealing valuable and challenging results.

It must be emphasized, however, that the results gained from genetic DNA testing should only be viewed as evidence not as proof of genealogical relationship.  It should only be regarded as one more piece of evidence to be added to an entire range of documentary and anecdotal evidence which may go to prove a relationship.

The Border Reivers DNA Project has been initiated by a group of researchers with the object of investigating the hypothesis that particular DNA characteristics found in some of the descendents of the Border reivers clans and families have an identifiable root.       

The project team invite you to participate in these exciting studies by undergoing a DNA test and submitting the result to the team. There are numbers of organisations which provide the service of DNA testing. By analysing the results of as wide a range of Border surnames as possible it is hoped that additional evidence may confirm the link. The results of the DNA test would, of course, be your property and you would be in the position to make use it for your own researches. 

The cost of having your DNA testing should be viewed is just as one more of those expenses which go with the study of genealogy, and one which can save an enormous amount of time and expense. Rather than pursue endless blind alleys and the attendant cost for photocopying, ordering certified copies, purchasing numerous books, and travelling long distances to follow up possible connections, one can focus efforts on links likely to produce positive results. 

Please note that the Border Reivers DNA Project is not associated with the Border Reivers web site.  There is no connection other than the Project is using of the list of Border Surnames which is displayed on the Border Reivers web site.  All correspondence relating to this topic should be addressed to the DNA Project Teamís web site where you can find further details: