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 the Milnholm cross           

The Cross is one mile south of Newcastleton on the B 6367.

Map ref:  79 4786

Here, in Armstrong territory, you may see this monument which commemorates the murder of Alexander Armstrong, the 2nd laird of Mangerton, at Hermitage Castle by a member  of the infamous de Soulis family.

The Cross is one of the Armstrong Clan’s most ancient and valued relics.

It is probable that Alexander was buried beneath this monument.

About half a mile up the by-road is Ettleton Cemetery. There is ample parking.

Here you find many interesting headstones of local families. You may find your family name. As you might expect, many Armstrongs are buried here.

If you look over the valley, beyond the river and to the right of a solitary tree, you may just glimpse the remains of Mangerton Castle, an ancient Armstrong stronghold.


This Milnholm Cross is a little over eight feet in height. The carving is worn, and not very distinct, but on a shield there is the heraldic device of the Armstrongs, a bent arm ; some lettering, I.H.S. ; below, the initials M.A., and what appears to be A.A. ; and on the shaft is cut a two-handed sword, about four feet in length. In his " History of Liddesdale," (1883). Bruce Armstrong says the shield was added " recently."

From Border Raids and Reivers by Borland


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