Little Mary Scott


Mary Scott succeeded to the title of the Countess of Buccleuch when she was only four years old. Seeking to extend their power bases, several factions sought to secure a marriage with Mary. The Scotts of Highchesters were strong contenders, and, attempting to preempt a move by the opposition, they forced events.

When Mary was only eleven years old, the fourteen year old son of the Highchester family was kidnapped on hi way to school and taken to the Chapel of Wemyss where he was married to Mary.

Mary took her wedded responsibilities very seriously and was obviously deeply attached to her young husband. Rather pathetic love letters they exchanged have been preserved.

But Mary was a delicate child and suffered serious ill-health. She died only two years later when she was 13. Her husband, now the Earl of Tarras did not receive anything of the Buccleuch heritage which they had so strongly desired and schemed to obtain.

Young Scott married later and raised a family.


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