For Brampton and district use O.S. map No. 86

Brampton was repeatedly raided and suffered severely along with other frontier towns. Liddesdale reivers, after crossing the border into England, had only to negotiate the Bewcastle wastes before reaching Brampton. Brampton and also near the north south route by which armies crossed the border. 

The motte in Brampton was used as a lookout and beacon during the period of Border warfare.

Bonnie Prince Charlie passed through here in 1745/6 and stayed in a house (now a shop) near the High Cross. Many town dwellers made him welcome providing him with suitable comforts. Later, they paid dearly for their hospitality, suffering severe punishments including a number of executions.


Graystone Hall

Built 1250 around pele tower. Mainly Elizabethan, with outstanding examples 
of plasterwork and carved woodwork. 
The 17th century topiary garden has a most unusual display of fantastic shapes maintained as they were originally.


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