The village is located 5 miles due south of Berwick.
Take the B6525 road to Ancroft.

Ancroft is not an imposing looking village but it has many significant historical associations. Being so near the border it was repeatedly attacked by Scottish raiders. During the one raid in thefourteenth century the Scots virtually destroyed the village.

As Border violence increased a tower was added to the existing church.  This served as a safe home for the vicar and the place of refuge for his congregation when danger threatened.

In 1667 many of the inhabitants of Ancroft fell victims to the plague.  They were carried away from the village to a nearby field and there they were laid amongst the yellow broom until they died. Then the whole field was burnt.

When Queen Anne's army passed nearby they stayed to have their footwear repaired by a group of "cloggers" who had settled in Ancroft.

Ancroft came into the possession of the Grey family, where it remained for several centuries.

The site of the old village of Ancroft can clearly be seen. The present village is situated on higher ground to the right well away from the danger of the river in flood.



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