The village of Ancrum is situated just off the A68 between St Boswells and the turn-off for Hawick. (NT 627246)

An attractive village historically associated with the battle fought nearby.  See the Battle of Acrum.  A local girl, Lilliard, to avenge the death of her lover at the hands of the English, took part in the fight until she fell with many wounds.
Among the spelling variations of the surname are: Ancram, Ancrum, Ancrumb, Anckrum, Ancromb, Allyncrum, Alncrum, Alyncrome, Allyncom.


The Maiden Lilliard

In the February of 1544 an English army under Sir Ralph Evers and Sir Brian Latoun swept into Scotland causing much grief and destruction.  They added to the hatred of the Scots by defacing the Douglas tombs in Melrose Abbey. Laden with the spoils of war they were intercepted and beaten by a Scottish force led by the Earl of Angus and Scot of Buccleuch.  A young Scots woman, Maiden Lilliard, whose lover had been killed in the fighting, took up a sword and plunged into the fray until he was struck down by many wounds.  She lies in the grave nearby which bears the inscription:

"Fair Maiden Lilliard

Lies under this stane:

Little was her stature,

       But  muckle was her fame.


Upon the English loons

She laid monie thumps,

             An' when her legs were cuttit off

         She fought upon her stumps."


Lilliard's Grave

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