Os 86 NY 566747. Bewcastle. 8 miles  NW of Gilsland on B6318 a minor road. 

Bewcastle is a widely scattered village lying in the bleak Bewcastle wastes. Being on one of the main Scots reiver routes into England,
it was involved in many a skirmish, although at times the people had closer ties with the folk over the border than with their English countrymen.

The village focal point is the church of St Cuthbert and medieval castle of Bew Castle. The village's greatest treasure is the Bewcastle cross which stands within  the churchyard.

This cross, which dates from the 7th century, is of great historic interest. The cross has lost its cross-head but otherwise has withstood the ravages of time to a remarkable extent. The shaft is 14ft 6in (4.4 m) high, tapering to the top and each of the four faces  is elaborately carved.  

Only the Ruthwell Cross near Annan is comparable to the Bewcastle cross.

St Cuthbert’s Cross

Late 7th century—early 8th century


The cross is in the care of English Heritage.

In the nearby church hall is a small museum which is well worth visiting.

Nearby are the ruins of Bew Castle.


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