About 12 miles west or Morpeth. 

Cambo is a neat pretty village situated in the heart of Northumberland.

A ford across the Hart Burn near Scot Gap was part of a preferred reiver route from the north and, only a mile further on, lay Cambo, too tempting  for the raiders to pass peaceably by.


The villagers built for themselves a sturdy tower into which they took themselves and their valuable possessions when the distant balefires warned them of approaching danger.

There was a place called the "Villain's Bog,", about half a mile to the east of the village, well hidden and difficult of access. When the balefires sent out their message of alert, the villagers would drive their flocks into this ancient night-fold. It was in a hollow well  defended by high earthen dikes and thorn. An attempt was made by the reivers to attack this place but they were driven off by the villagers with great loss.  They were buried near the scene of the action.

Not far to the north is Gallows Hill which, no doubt, was put to good use.


A story goes that in charge of the gallows were two brothers who were tall and of great strength, both of which farmed the land nearby.


One day, in the dim light of early morning, one of the brothers came upon a band of reivers about to make off with their cattle.  Tackling them single-handed there ensued a violent fight. But the brother was forced down by weight of numbers and, it is said, 'cut into collops.'

The pieces were bundled into a sheet and carried back to his home.


The peel tower at Cambo, now the village post office

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