Northumberland, England. About 10 miles north west of Rothbury.

Clennel is a name of great antiquity and was first documented in 1181.

The village, of some importance in its time, was situated on the important highway of Clennel Street which joins the Salters' Road near the Scottish Border.  It was an important trading route in medieval times and was a well used drovers road, near the beginning of a long drive to the Midlands of England.

The ridge and furrow of numerous medieval fields can still clearly be seen indicative of a large population far greater than it is today when the land was cultivated for crops before it was taken over for the grazing of sheep.

The village was cleared away in 1895 to make way for the park and gardens of Clennel Hall.

The story of the Clennel family's encounter with the tribe of gypsies known as the Faas is recounted in the Faas Revenge.


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