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Eight miles north-east of Alnwick on the Northumbrian coast.

Craster is a quaint fishing village and is well worth visiting.

Craster Tower is situated a half  mile west of the village. It was built in the late 14th century and  records of it go back to 1415.

In 1769 a new house was built on the site. The battlements were added in Victorian times. The road to the village passes through the gateway, an impressive Gothic arch.

The Craster family is one of the oldest of Northumbrian families. They have owned their residence in Craster continuously since the 15th century.


Craster's kippers are still cured in a 19th century smoke house situated by the harbour.

There is a pub overlooking the sea. Useful for when you return  from the beautiful walk to Dunstanburgh Castle.

There is a car park, and, from the village, there is a delightful coastal walk to Dunstanburgh Castle. 

Don't forget your camera.




Craster Village

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