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The village of Fenwick is situated 7 miles north east of Corbridge between Stamfordham and Matfen.

Map reference: 87 057730

The Fenwick family were located in mid and south Northumberland and were a prominent Border family, many of the members holding high office.

They were expected to keep in check the unruly families to the west, the Charltons, Hall, Robsons and others, and to resist hostile incursions into the lower lying land of Northumberland.  They were also in the path of raiders from the north, those sponsored by the  Scottish authorities, and those who were freelance, the Turnbulls, Rutherfords and many others. The Fenwicks  were kept busy.

Nevertheless, they found the time to do a little reiving themselves when the opportunity presented itself. When discovered, as they often were, they would fall out of favour with the authorities for a while. unless, of course, they too were involved.


Fenwick Tower is in Fenwick village, the first farm on the left when approached from the east. There is not lot left of it as it has been used, through the years, for material for nearby farm buildings.

One time, when the tower was being pillaged, a box, containing over 200 gold coins of Edward III, of Edward III, Richard II and David II of Scotland was found hidden amongst the masonry, which no doubt hastened the destruction of much of the tower; but the gold rush uncovered no more loot.

One wall of the remaining tower in 10' thick and 20 ' high.

Fenwick Tower as it is today.

There is not much of it left but it could be of interest to a Fenwick..


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