At the northern end of Kielder Reservoir in the North Tyne Valley, Northumberland.

Situated in such a remote area and so near to the Scottish Border, Kielder suffered severely from Border raids and the local people built for themselves strong defence for the protection.

Kielder Castle has nothing to do with this period  having been built about 150 years ago as shooting lodge for the Duke of Northumberland.


Kielder stone, also known as the Girdle Stone and sometimes as the Rocking Stone, although it does not rock, can be found here right on the Anglo-Scottish Border.

The stone is huge and in its natural position, not having been moved there by man nor by ice. The portion of the stone which is visible above ground is said weigh more than 1400 tons.

A tradition says that those who consider themselves to be  unlucky need only walk around the stone three times against the sun to improve their fortune.

As might be expected such a prominent object features greatly in local history.

The Kielder Reservoir is the largest man-made lake in Europe and one of the largest forests in Europe.

In the 1950's the village was built to provide housing for the forestry workers.

Kielder is no longer a forestry village. The reservoir and surrounding area, are popular with visitors and there is an enormous amount of history thereabouts worth exploring being on one of the principal reiver routes of the Border.

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