The island is situated in the North Sea approximately 9 miles southeast of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

About nine miles south of Berwick-upon-Tweed

Holy Island is clearly signposted off the A1.


The village of Lindisfarne is situated on Holy Island and, by popular usage, the two names are synonymous.

A causeway connects the island to the mainland and the island is only accessible at low water.

The village of Lindisfarne is very popular with visitors especially during the summer months.  There is a large car park just before you enter the village.

Among the many attractions are the priory ruins and the castle. There is now an attractive and informative visitors centre in which may be viewed a copy of the magnificent Lindisfarne Gospels.

Holy Island remains an important location for members of the Christian community and, each year, there are pilgrimages to its shores.


Visitors to the island must consult the tide table before attempting to cross the causeway.  Spending four hours in one of the refuges would not be a very pleasant experience and the salt water wouldn't do the car much good.

Tide tables are displayed at each end of the causeway.


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