On the A696 13 miles north from Newcastle upon Tyne.

For Otterburn and district use O.S. map No. 80 

Otterburn, which claims to be the capital of Redesdale, at one time there lived some of the most villainous reivers of the Borders. They would make their way down Redesdale to lowland  Northumberland and terrify their country people who lived there. Just as easily they could make their way north, over the Carter Fell into Scotland.

All is quiet now except for the traffic along the A689 which passes through the village. The village is a popular resting place for travellers to and from Scotland having several good eating places and an extensive visitors centre at the nearby Otterburn Mill

Nearby Girsonfield was the home of one of the reiving families - the Halls.

Fawdon Hill is believed to be where the Scots encamped before the Battle of Otterburn.


Otterburn Tower Hotel incorporates the ancient pele tower.        

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