Northumberland,England. In the valley of the North Tyne , between Hexham and Bellingham.

Simonburn is an attractive village set some way off the beaten track in a rather remote part of Northumberland. The parish of Simonburn was once the largest in the county, extending from the Roman Wall to Liddesdale in Scotland, a distance of 33 miles.

The fine church overlooks a large village green surrounded by buildings which is where the animals could be herded at night for protection.


It is  a short walk to Simonburn Castle but the approach is difficult. In its heyday the castle stood proudly on a strong position overlooking two ravines, in a beautiful woodland setting. A local tradition of buried treasure has been the cause of much of its dilapidation, many a countryman having in the past delved in the ruins for long lost treasure. That is probably why there is so little of the castle left to see. 

The quaint and unusual nature of the village has attracted the attention of filmmakers and it has often been used as a film set.


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