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The village of Warkworth is situated in Northumberland, one mile west from the coast, seven miles south-east of Alnwick and fourteen miles north-east of Morpeth.

Warkworth is an attractive historic village with much to interest the visitor. 

The village lies within a loop of the River Coquet, the castle being at the neck of the loop.

The layout of the village is medieval. Each house on the main street had its own strip of land leading down to the river and the layout is still clearly visible.

The village is dominated by the castle, which provides a dramatic view from the main street. The castle is one of the few in the region that has not been restored and so many of its very old features are still there to be enjoyed.

The parish church of St. Lawrence, with its spire of nearly 100 feet in height, is a dominating feature at one end of the village. The church is strongly built and was probably a refuge for the villagers during the times of unrest. Its site dates back to 737AD.

Warkworth is a not to be missed. There is a large car park at the castle gate and another on the riverside. 

After visiting Warkworth and the Castle, you may like to visit the Hermitage.     


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