The Coulter Family

Records show the Coulter family were established in Dumfriesshire in the 17th century.

Their family seat was at Roucan. Being a comparatively small group they had elected to come under the protection of the Clan Douglas who had a castle at Torhorwald nearby. See O.S. Map reference 84 03 78.

The Coulters held lands at Drumlanrig under the authority of the Maxwells.

They also had close associations with the Irvings, their neighbours, with whom they traded and intermarried.

Three miles south of Biggar is the parish of Coulter, was the seat of Sir Richard Coulter in 1207

There is no record of the Coulters being actively involved in reiving activities, but they were caught up in the feuding between the Maxwell and the Johnstones and their allies. The Jardines, supporters of the Johnstones, are known to have attacked  Coulter House and the village of Coulter. On one such raid it is reported that the Jardines were heavily punished for their pains. All  was captured and one subsequently hanged.

Many Coulters arrived in America in 1719 and it is reported that some arrived in 1695.

Acknowledgement to Warren Coulter for this information.

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