The Storey Family


The Storey Family 

Originally from Aberdeenshire, a section of the family moved south into England, settling in the valley of the River Rede in Northumberland.

Another group of the family were known to have lived in Cumbria, close to the Scottish Border. In the 16th century they were accused of treachery by the Warden of the March, Lord Dacre, many believed wrongly. Their lands were forfeited and given to the Grahams. It may be that it was this branch of the family which moved into Northumberland. 

Nevertheless, the Storeys joined with elements of the Halls, Milburns, Potts and other families in making reiving raids on their neighbours. The occupants of Redesdale and of North Tynedale were, in the 16th century, notoriously active reivers and continued their activities well into the next century.

The surname is still common in North Northumberland.


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