The Beatisons
Also Batison


The son of Beatrice. There are believed to be no less that 8 variants of the name.  

Name derivation - from the Gaelic biadhtaiche, 'supplier of food.
One who occupied an important position as the chief's victualler.

A little more than a mile south of Eskdalemuir, in Dumfriesshire, and on the west bank of the Esk, can be located the hamlet of Wat Carrick. Nearby is an ancient cemetery full of old gravestones of the Beatisons. This was the dominant clan of the area, next to the Douglases who were at feud with them.

This was a notorious reivers stronghold until eventually it was reduced and dispersed in the early 17th century.

Most of the lands owned by the Beatisons passed to the Scotts.

The nearby Lowpen Stones are pre-historic stone circles.

Map reference of the cemetery is: 79 254 964