Clan Carruthers

The clan was located in Annandale 13th century.

Some variants of the name are Carothers, Carrothers, Crothers, Carradice, Carrodus, Cardis, Cardus, Crowdace, Cruddace, Cruddas and Credeur and others. 

The lands of the Carruthers Family are in Annandale in Dumfriesshire. The village of Carrutherstown is situated by the main Annan to Dumfries road, map reference 
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The principal strongholds of the Carruthers were Mousewald, Holmains, Little Dalton and Rammerscales

The family is a Sept of the Clan Bruce and wears the Bruce tartan.

Records of the family go as far back as the 13th century when, under Bruce, they attained  positions of high office in Annandale.

Although small in number compared to their feuding neighbours the Johnstones and the Maxwells, the Clan Carruthers took an active part in Border hostilities and did their share of reiving.

See "The Carruthers Family History" by Stanley Carruthers F S A Scot and R Reid.

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