The Davidson Family

also Davison

The Davidsons were part of the great clan Chattan from the Central Highlands. Their Border location is Oxnam, in the north eastern foothills of the Cheviots.

In the 14th century, Donald the third son of Robert Comyn, married the daughter of the Chief of Angus, the Clan Mackintosh.   The name of the Clan comes from their son.

In 1370 the Davidsons were almost wiped out during an internal clan dispute involving the MacKintoshes, the MacPhersons and the Clan Chatton.

Unlike most clan names which begin with the Gaelic 'Mac' the son of David took the name Davidson. This may give rise to the theory held by some that the Highland Davidsons had no connections with the Davidsons of the Borders.

The Border Davidsons were located just north of the Border opposite Northumberland. Their seat was at Oxnam. Many still live there and the name is particularly common in North Northumberland.

Septs or sub-branches of the Davidsons are Davis, Davison Dawson, Dean, Kay, Davy and others. 

A direct descendant of the Davidsons of Tulloch who lives in New Zealand, has claimed the chieftainship.

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