The Elliot Clan

including many variations of the name.

Originally it was from a French form of Elias

Redeugh. near Newcastleton,  was one of their major strongholds.

Map ref: 79 496 906

Elliots were one of the greatest reiving families living in upper Liddesdale to which they moved at the time of Robert the Bruce, from Angus. Their home was established at Redhaugh near the confluence of the Liddel Water and Hermitage Water.

After the Union of the Crowns, the Elliots, together with many other Border clans, were scattered and their lands confiscated. Many were forcibly sent to Ulster and America. Some moved into Northumberland where the name is quite common.

The Elliots had, at one time, 40 towers in Liddesdale.

Jean Elliot (1727-1805) wrote "The Flowers of the Forest.

Robert Elliot, the 13th chief of the clan, was killed at the Battle of Flodden.

Records of their early history were destroyed by a fire at Stobs in 1712.

Being an active reiving family the Elliots made many enemies notably the Scotts, the Ogles and the Millburns with whom they were at almost constant feud.

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