The Clan Kerr

also Ker and Carr

Kerr, Ker, Carr Carre. sometimes pronounced Care, Car or Cur were a notorious reiving family and one of the few to survive intact and to retain their status and their lands in spite of serious quarrelling amongst themselves. They are noted for being left handed.

Two branches of the family lived near Jedburgh, the Kers Of Cessford and the Kerrs of Ferniehirst, and a deadly feud existed between them.
Both attained high office and both became Warden of the Scottish Middle March.

Sir Thomas Kerr of Ferniehirst fought for Mary, Queen of Scots at the Battle of Langside, while Sir Water Ker of Cessford took the side of 
James VI.

The feud was  only ended after the Union of the Crowns with the marriage of Anne Ker of Cessford to William Kerr of Ferniehirst.

The chief of the Clan in the Marquis of Lothian.

Kerr, Ker. Carr,

Possibly from the Gaelic carr, fortress. A dweller at a fort.

Not only at feud within themselves, the Kerrs feuded with the Scotts, Rutherfords and Turnbulls.

See also Cessford