The Reaveley Family


The Reveleys  were originally seated in the manor house of Reveley, on the northern bank of the river Breamish, at the southeastern foot of the Cheviot in Northumberland. 

The family came, it is presumed, from Reveley, a ville
and manor in the parish of Ingram, and county of Northumberland.

The Reveleys held lands and tithes in Ancroft, and elsewhere in Islandshire,for many generations. The Reveley possessions were at one time considerable.Isabella de Reveley  was tenant of the Tithes of Kyloe under the Convent of Durham in 1400.  William de Reveley and his wife Ivetta were for a while afterwards the benefactors to the shrine of St. Cuthbert.

Thomas Reveley married Agnes Bullock (b 1420), daughter of Thomas Bullock (b 1403), of Bele. Thomas and Agnes had a son named Archibald in  1445.
Archibald married the daughter of Selby of Brankston.  They had two sons, Archibald and William.   In 1550-51, there were disagreements between the Reveleys and the Selbys, as reported by the Vicar:   There be sundrie displeasures and controversies between the Selbies of Northamshire  and the Reveleys of the same, for the which I took fower of the principall of either
partye bound for all their friendes unto Michaelmas next, to keepe the peace, and in the mean tyme to abyd the end of the Lord Warden, for the tyme being, or his Deputy Warden.

On August 4, 1517, an Archibald  Reveley of Fowbery County, Northumberland came to the Cathedral Church of Durham, and rang the bell, then earnestly begged the immunity of St. Cuthbert, because he was present when Laurence Beil, George Reveley, John Reveley, and William Reveley slew Thomas Reveley, and Thomas Boynde, at  Warunden, within the territory of Fowberry, on July
25, 1517. (I have more documentation from Durham).

William Reveley was the heir to his father's estate, and married the sister of  Sir Edward  Grey of Chillingham, Kent.  They lived in Islandshire. William and his wife had three sons, Robert, Richard, and George. ......Richard Reveley  is mentioned in Sadlers State Papers:1559-1560. Certain interrogatories to be mentioned to Richard Riveley- To call for Richard Riveley, of Ancroft, and to inquier of him where he was that nyght that Robert Dawson's 7 oxen were taken oute of Skirmerston. To knowe also where he was a Saterdaye at nyght last, viz. The 16th of December, and what
company he was with. If he saye he was at home, then let it be inquyred why he cam not to the fraye that was at Cheswick, when Raphe Smythe's geare was taken away by the Scotts; if he answer that he harde it not, that cannot be trew, for there cam 20 men after the Scotts shuting overthwart Ancroft moore, and they harde the watches of Ancroft speake, so as he must neds heare it also.

......George Reveley was granted the mill of Ancroft in 1518 by his uncle, Sir Edward Grey. George married the daughter of Henry Swinhoe of Cheswick. She was co-heir of the Swinhoe estate. They had three sons, Edward, Ralph,and Thomas, and one daughter, Elizabeth. Edward Reveley wedded the daughter of Redman, of Irebye. Edward was a butcher as well as a bondsman, and was
mentioned in the fraye concerning the oxen his Uncle Richard was accused of stealing.  "The Durham butcher, of the name and family of Reveley, mentioned in the pedigree, might be a convenient person in more respects than as a bondsman in a lease of tithes. May not some of Robert Dawson's oxen have been slaughtered in Fleshergate? Oxen coming from such a pasture must necessarily have been fat, and there would have been no asking of  questions."

If you find any information on them, or have any questions, please let me know!  I would appreciate the inclusion of the Reveleys in your database.

Sources: The A2A as well as the archivist at the Durham Cathedral, Burke's Peerage, and the History of Northumberland.

Many thanks to Sarah Reveley, San Antonio, Texas, for this information.