The Sommerville Family

The Sommervilles are first recorded in Roxburghshire near Kelso.

There is evidence that the settled in the village of Linton about 1177.

There is a dedication stain glass window in the church there to Sir John Somerville who slayed a local 'serpent'.

The main line of the family then moved to Carnwath in Lanarkshire, but retained lands in Peebleshire and Roxburghshire.

 Lord Hugh Somerville was Warden of the West march in the early 1400's.

Sommerville’s built Linton Tower and Church in Linton, Roxburgh (south east of Kelso).

Owned and occupied the Tower until the mid-16th century when the Tower was burned and destroyed during Henry VIII’s “Rough Wooing”.

Sommerville’s were related and allied to the Kerr family (Cessford).

Members of the family lived mainly between the borders and Lanarkshire (mainly Carnwath, Newbigging, Quothquon, Spittal, Moffat, Biggar, Peebles, and Morebattle).